TextPipe Pro No Editing is an editing disabled version of TextPipe Pro which can be installed by consultants at a client site to reduce the possibility of interference with mission-critical processes.

TextPipe No Editing has no user interface (and no annoying flash or flicker of a user interface either), and does not provide any filter editing or saving capabilities - it can only use 'off-the-shelf' filters designed by someone else. This means that your client cannot alter the process designed and supported by you, which lowers your support costs for that client.

TextPipe No Editing is driven entirely from the command line (for example, by a scheduled process or from a batch file). You can find out more about TextPipe's command line options in the TextPipe Pro help file under Advanced Topics. If you need help automating TextPipe in this way, please contact support, or use the Command Line Wizard in the Tools menu.

TextPipe No Editing is ideally suited for production environments where processes are not meant to be changed until they have passed through formal design and test procedures.

The No Editing component is not available for evaluation because it is identical to TextPipe Pro with the exception that it does not have a user interface - it is purely command-line driven.