DataMystic offers a range of Professional Services, so that you can stay focused on results, not how they are obtained. Get started quicker, and save time and money!

We recently helped a customer migrate 198,000 documents to Office 2007 format, then convert from UK English to US English. This used a search/replace list of 1,750 terms, and used our Search and Replace Server Bundle on a high-end Amazon EC2 Windows 2012 Server instance.

Our services include:

And regular expression (regex, EasyPattern) tasks such as:

Typical projects that we have been engaged on include


We charge USD 200/hour, in half-hour increments. Our turnaround time is less than two business days for most tasks.

Data Protection

We handle all data confidentially. If your data is confidential, please feel free to pre-sign our Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement in advance to speed things up.

Box shot Each 'unit' is worth USD 1.00, so you need to multiply the number of units by the Total amount.


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