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THIS IS NOT FREE SOFTWARE. You must purchase if you use it for non-evaluation purposes, or if you used it beyond the 10 day evaluation period. These Evaluation Editions:

textpipe TextPipe Pro Download Data mine websites, legacy reports and data extracts, convert and transform text files (.html, .htm, .xml, .txt, .csv, .tab, .prn, .dat etc) Jan 1, 1970
textpipe TextPipe Standard Download Search and replace program code Jan 1, 1970
textpipe TextPipe Lite Download Search and replace small websites Jan 1, 1970
wordpipe WordPipe Download Search and replace in Microsoft Word documents (.doc) Jan 1, 1970
excelpipe ExcelPipe Download Search and replace in Microsoft Excel spreadsheets (.xls) Jan 1, 1970
powerpointpipe PowerPointPipe Download Search and replace in Microsoft PowerPoint presentations (.ppt) Jan 1, 1970
detachpipe DetachPipe Download Upload, detach, save and remove attachments from Microsoft Outlook emails Jan 1, 1970
datapipe DataPipe Download Search and replace inside your database Jan 1, 1970 (includes TextPipe Pro)
resumepipe ResumePipe Download Extract Outlook emails and attachments to text files Jan 1, 1970 (requires TextPipe Pro 6.2.9+)
filewatcher File Watcher Download Trigger actions when new files arrive in a folder Jan 1, 1970
dirdate DirDate Download Change file and folder dates Jan 1, 1970
easypatterns EasyPattern Helper Download Design and test EasyPatterns and perl patterns Jan 1, 1970
timezone Time Zone Helper Download Show time zone differences Jan 1, 1970
abusepipe AbusePipe Download Analyse email complaints Jan 1, 1970
emailpipe EmailPipe Download Extract Outlook emails to text files Jan 1, 1970
dirsize DirSize Download Show folder sizes and wasted space Jan 1, 1970
webcopyrighter Web Copyrighter Download Protect your web content from misuse Jan 1, 1970

How to download

Our software is free to download. Simply click the download link above and save the installation file to your computer. Be sure to remember where you saved the file (the desktop is a good place).

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Other Software win_ico

shuticon Arc Menu Download DOS-based menu system Jan 1, 1970
  KeyboardLocker Download Disable the keyboard while watching a DVD Jan 1, 1970
zeroin ZeroIn Download Quickly change between DOS directories Jan 1, 1970
babyshield BabyShield Download Lock the keyboard and mouse from baby Jan 1, 1970
cleango Clean 'n' Go Download Disable the keyboard or mouse for cleaning 2.9, Nov 3, 2011
clipsize ClipSize Download Show the clipboard size 2.6, Nov 3, 2011

For Developers win_ico

textpipe TextPipe Engine DLL Download Add TextPipe filtering to your application Jan 1, 1970
easypatterns EasyPattern Engine DLL Download Add EasyPattern matching to your application Jan 1, 1970
  Hook Keys DLL Download A DLL to globally hook Windows keystrokes Jan 1, 1970

Developers: Try the TextPipe Pro SDK!

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