Revolutionize Your Transcription Process

Discover our suite of expertly curated word lists designed to transform your transcription process workflow. Each list is tailored to specific industries and contains hundreds of terms, phrases, and jargon commonly used in professional transcription. Paired with unique abbreviations, these lists are the ultimate tool for efficient drafting and editing.

Our word lists integrate seamlessly with versatile FAR (Find and Replace) software such as DataMystic's WordPipe, ExcelPipe, PowerPointPipe, and TextPipe. This ensures that your drafts are quickly converted to polished, full-text documents. Developed by industry experts, including a 15-year veteran, our abbreviations are crafted for ease of use and quick memorization, empowering you to create a personalized digital language that speeds up your work.

Fully customizable, our word lists allow you to add, modify, or remove entries, providing the flexibility to adapt to any project requirements. This adaptability ensures that your transcription process remains dynamic and responsive to the ever-changing demands of your industry.

Embrace a smarter way to handle transcription process with our specialized word lists, designed to bring efficiency and precision to your workflow. Experience the synergy of expert knowledge and cutting-edge software to achieve superior transcription results.

Sharing knowledge is an integral part of our process. We welcome your comments, ideas and queries, and offer complimentary support for 30 days from purchase. Support for lists is included in the downloadable file after purchase.

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