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Fix Multiple Text Files in 60 Seconds!

Search/replace, clean-up formatting, extract text across large sets of CSV, Tab, XML, HTML


TextPipe™ is a multi-award winning, industrial strength text transformation, conversion, cleansing and extraction workbench.

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TextPipe makes it fast and easy to convert, transform and re-purpose data in text files, including

  • HTML, XML and other structured documents from the WWW
  • Fixed length or delimited files (CSV, Tab, Pipe, etc)
  • Unix, Mac and PC/Windows end-of-line formats
  • Inside Zip files, and Microsoft Office 2007/2010 Word (DOCX), Excel (XLSX), PowerPoint (PPTX), OpenOffice Writer (ODT), Calc (ODS) and Impress (ODP) formats
  • ASCII, ANSI, Unicode encoding conversions
  • Security log files from firewalls, web servers etc
  • EDIFACT, HL7, SWIFT and other structured formats
  • Spooled print files
  • Structured and unstructured reports of any size or dimension

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TextPipe™ Standard is the reduced feature set version of TextPipe Pro. Please see the Pro vs Standard Comparison chart for more details of the differences. The Standard Edition still provides full End Of Line conversion between DOS/Mac/Unix files, multi-file support, and the most commonly used functions. If the Standard Edition does not fully meet your needs, the Pro Edition can be purchased as a form of upgrade.

FAST Data Manipulation! - An Automated Text Tool on Steroids!

TextPipe's unmatched power comes from its arsenal of 60+ manipulation filters, its unique architecture and its tremendous flexibility in combining these filters to suit each task.

It doesn't matter if you need to fix a million files on your website, or one super huge file larger than 10 Gigabytes - TextPipe will do it all - and all in one pass, even if you need to make 200 search and replaces, remove blank lines, sort the file, and output any HTML tags to a second file.

Use TextPipe to update your web site, reformat and standardize electronic text and program source code, data mine unstructured text reports and your competitor's web sites, split files or join files together, convert between a variety of mainframe and PC data formats - the possibilities are simply endless. See demos  Screen shots

I just wanted to congratulate your company on a fine piece of software. Not only do I find the software intellectually stimulating (I haven't come across something so fine in at least ten years) but the software works like a dream. This software has revolutionized the way I work on a large aspect of my IT Consultancy business. What used to take hours to do now only takes minutes. It has provided me with a cutting edge tool to compete with, against other IT Consultant companies, in data mining and data manipulation. Used in conjunction with the database development I provide my clients I am able to reduce their costs, and provide a faster and more accurate service. As an example, this morning I was asked to produce an Internet abuse report at 08:55. This involves gathering data from 5 servers and collating 500+ .CSV reports each with thousands of records. This work would normally take 3 hours hard work using an advanced text editor and several scripts. With TextPipe Pro I had the report on his desk by 09:05. Impressive or what. I wish I had found your software years ago - Andrew Phillips, ExpertComSoftware [more]

Process Information From Anywhere

TextPipe handles both text and binary files with equal ease. File formats you can convert and extract data from include:

Lightning Fast Search and Replace

TextPipe offers a variety of powerful searches:

The replacement text can include all or part of the original text or a re-arrangement of it, and the case of the replacement text can be automatically altered to preserve the case of the original text. The found text can be used as a constraint for further filters, such as by converting it to Upper Case, performing further search and replaces inside the replacement text or even a database or dictionary lookup.

Manipulate Precise Sections of Text

You can restrict changes to line, column and field ranges, Lines Matching a Pattern and Lines Not Matching a Pattern. You can combine restrictions, for example, to alter a specific line and column range. You can also apply further text manipulations to the Replaced Text in a Search and Replace operation, such as by making the Replacement Text UPPERCASE.

Unlimited Power

TextPipe's frees you from worrying about memory size or disk space limitations:

Manipulation Functions

TextPipe converts between

TextPipe can add line numbers, add left and right margins, add headers and footers, add word wrapping and formatting. It can insert and remove columns, and delete lines or columns as well as HTML and extra white space characters.

TextPipe can split or join files together, sort files using a variety of sorting functions, count or remove duplicate lines and map input characters to a set of output strings.

Easy To Learn and Use

TextPipe includes many facilities to help get you started:

TextPipe Configurations

TextPipe comes in a number of different configurations to suit your deployment profile (see comparison). Click below to read more about each configuration:

TextPipe runs on Microsoft® Windows® 11, 10, 8, 7, Vista®, 2019/2016/2012/2008/2003, x32 and x64.

We also provide Professional Services and can tailor TextPipe to suit your requirements.

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