Cloud Backup DataMystic's Cloud Backup (formerly known as Extended Download Service) is an inexpensive 'insurance policy' that protects your software investment if your computer fails or your hard disk gets corrupted.

Even if you purchase a CD, you can potentially miss out on the year of upgrades that follow your purchase.

With our Cloud Backup you don't need to worry about this situation ever occurring - you will be able to download the last release you downloaded for a period of 2 years.

Note: These are NOT Upgrades

Note: You don't need the Cloud Backup if your computer is backed up regularly, and you are 100% confident of your ability to restore data. If you don't purchase Cloud Backup at the time of purchase, we can usually arrange to manually send you the original file for a one-off fee of USD 50.

Purchase Cloud Backup of Installation Files

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Cloud Backup of installation files (2 years) ($9.99)