DataMystic is committed to providing a variety of ways to contact us for technical support. In addition to our standard technical support, we also offer Premium Support for companies who require immediate access to senior technicians.

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We pride ourselves on the quality of our support - but first - please try to resolve your problem by:

Support via email

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In file attachments you can include:

  • Settings files:
    • For TextPipe, the TextPipe filter file (.FLL) being used, as well as the data file or Trial Input Text, data conversion rules, the mainframe data file and copybook etc
    • For WordPipe, the WordPipe .WPP settings file and a sample Microsoft Word document
    • For ExcelPipe, the ExcelPipe .EPP settings file and a sample Microsoft Excel spreadsheet
    • For PowerPointPipe, the PowerPointPipe .PPP settings file and a sample PowerPoint presentation
  • Short videos are the best way of showing us your problem or question - see Jing which is Free -
  • Screen dumps of product screens or error messages - press [Alt+PrtSc] together, then open Microsoft Word or WordPad and Paste the screen. Save the document, zip it and attach it
  • Please compress attachments if larger than 2 MB. For truly large files, try a account or contact us for FTP details

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Support by phone

Our Technical Support team is available Monday to Friday, 9am - 12:30pm and 2pm - 5pm Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST, GMT+10 hours):

Phone - phone +61 3 9028-8594   Skype DataMystic.

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