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WordPipe Find and Replace for Word migrates Microsoft Word hyperlinks when you rename file servers, translate files by applying massive search/replace lists, and finds and replaces your organization's name, address, website etc across thousands of worksheets - automatically.

WordPipe is designed as a hands-off tool requiring next to no user intervention, as you would expect for migrating large numbers of files. It copes with a myriad range of Microsoft Word bugs, such as restarting Microsoft Word every 1000 documents to avoid memory errors. It also copes with the largest variety of problem documents of any tool, ranging from password protected and corrupted documents to SharePoint locked documents.

We also offer consulting to organizations with very large document sets, or those needing technical assistance.

To use WordPipe, you simply add a list of search/replace pairs, and for each one, specify where in the document it should be found. Then you tell it which files to process - that's it!

Biztree is the maker of Business-in-a-Box, the World's leading business & legal forms software. Our library contains over 1,500 documents in 4 different languages - it's over 15,000 pages of content. So no need to say that when we need to apply changes to all our documents, doing it manually is a Herculean task!

I first discovered WordPipe about 3 years ago. I had tried different tools but nothing was working fine; these other softwares were making our computers crash or even worst, corrupted the documents. I was so happy after I bought WordPipe, what a great product! It helped us save tens of hours of boring and unproductive work. The software was very good at that time but I just upgraded to the latest version and it is even better! It is SUPER stable and quicker than ever. I recommend WordPipe to anybody who has to make bulk changes in Word - at this price you can't afford not to use it.

Jonathan Defoy
CEO, Biztree Inc

Use it for...

Translators can use WordPipe's grid to define multiple search/replace pairs. Check out our testimonial from a very satisfied user!

I actually went on line 10 minutes after trying the demo and bought the full version. This thing is great!

I figured in the first job that I used it on I did the job for 50% of the cost of the soft dollars it would have taken to do it manually.

494 files changed in about 20 minutes........I'm tickled to death.

Thanks much!

Ed Baumgarten
IT Manager
Mid America Motorworks

Your contribution of WordPipe will enable our Information Technology department to easily and rapidly update documents on our intranet site, thereby providing timely and accurate information to our 76 chapters and 28 international affiliates around the world. This contribution translates into savings of dollars and valuable staff time, thus allowing more time and money to be devoted to the Make-A-Wish Foundation's mission of granting the wishes of children with life-threatening medical conditions to enrich the human experience with hope, strength and joy.

Paul Velaski
CFO & Vice President
Make-A-Wish Foundation of America

User benefits

My initial use was a smashing success and I am recommending to our IT manager that it is definitely helpful and worth getting. It was truly a great time saver.

Janet Aldrich


Buy Now Download WordPipe, ExcelPipe and PowerPointPipe combined demo


I just processed over 4000 docs in 3 hrs! - user

I currently have WordPipe & love it. [...] Thank you and love your product - feel free to use me as a reference. Jody Massey

Microsoft SharePoint Services / Office 365 / Network Storage

Yes! WordPipe now talks directly to SharePoint sites.


We recently helped a customer migrate 198,000 Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents to Office 2007 format, then convert from UK English to US English. This used a search/replace list of 1,750 terms, and used our Search and Replace Server Bundle on a high-end Amazon EC2 Windows 2012 instance. Our consulting team monitored the process from start to finish.

Screen shot

WordPipe's default screen (Click for more)
In 453 Word documents, I let WordPipe search for "und" and replace it by "XXX". There were 82429 (!) occurrences. It took only 10 (TEN!!!!) minutes

Michael Hentschel




It's a remarkably powerful utility which-if you need it-can't be beat. It's an industrial strength search & replace utility for Microsoft Word. Without opening a single Word file, you can quickly change thousands of documents with the push of a button. Think Batch Operation-On-Steroids.

Say you change your phone number and need to correct your letterhead in hundreds of documents. Just launch WordPipe and you're home free.

Now that's cool!

-DingBat Magazine


WordPipe is currently being used by a range of clients across the world such as

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WordPipe, ExcelPipe and PowerPointPipe combined demo (requires Flash)


Buy Now Lite Edition US$ 49.95*, Full Edition US$ 299* , Full vs Lite comparison chart.

Technical specifications

Multi-user, Site and Enterprise licenses are also available to enhance the efficiency of your entire team.


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