TextPipe can provide a range of text manipulation and data extraction facilities to your application that you may not have even considered adding, and certainly do not fall into what you would consider to be your core business.

By adding TextPipe support, you open your application up so that your users can perform tasks you had never dreamed of, and that they may not have bothered telling you about - they may have moved on to find another application.

While DataMystic focuses on text and data processing, there are a number of vertical markets that DataMystic's software titles already reach. Through partnering, DataMystic's products and those of our partners can satisfy a broader customer base. TextPipe can easily be integrated into existing applications via a number of interfaces, and for a royalty, can also be redistributed with your applications. Please contact us if you are interested in adding data extraction and text manipulation functionality to your applications.

Here are some benefits to becoming an integration partner:

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