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Convert Mainframe Files in 5 Minutes

Convert mainframe Cobol copybook files to formats suitable for uploading into PC databases


TextPipe is an easy-to-use tool to convert large mainframe files to PC format using Cobol copybooks to define the data format. Automatically

  • Convert EBCDIC files to ASCII CSV, Tab- or Pipe-delimited or fixed width format
  • Convert Packed, Zoned and Binary fields, including Unisys Packed Decimal Unzoned/Packed-No-Zone (PNZ) with padding fields etc, with our Mainframe Copybook Filter. Just paste your copybook and begin converting!
  • Convert NULL and blank numerics
  • Convert REDEFINES and OCCURS fields, with nested OCCURS and OCCURS DEPENDING ON
  • Convert huge multi-Gigabyte files
  • and more


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