From: DataMystic,
Contact: Simon Carter, phone +61 3 9957-1545   Skype DataMystic
Date: November 9, 2015

Easily Schedule Calls and Meetings Across Time Zones - Time Zone Helper

Melbourne, Australia – November 9, 2015 - DataMystic announces Time Zone Helper 4.0, its enhanced time zone utility and addin for Microsoft Outlook.

Time Zone Helper generates working hour charts across multiple time zones, allowing meeting times to be optimized for all participants. By selecting an email, TZ Helper shows the time zone of that person.

Time Zone Helper's charts can also be pasted directly into an email for all participants to see.


The Time Zone Helper Add On for Microsoft Outlook can be downloaded from the company's website, A 30 day trial is available, and purchase costs US$19.95. Multi-user discounts and software bundles are available.

System Requirements

Time Zone Helper is fully compatible with Microsoft Outlook or Office 2015, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003, XP. It runs under Windows 10, 8, 7 and x64, Vista, Vista 64, 2008/2003 Server. It requires 16 MB of memory. The download file is 14 MB.


Founded in 1990, DataMystic has its headquarters in Melbourne, Australia, and has thousands of customers worldwide, including Bank of America, NASA, US Department of Energy. Its charter is to provide IT professionals with time saving data analysis tools. In addition to DetachPipe, DataMystic offers:

-         TextPipe Pro, an application that lets you search and replace multiple phrases across multiple text files in a single operation;

-         ExcelPipe, an application that lets you search and replace multiple phrases across multiple Excel spreadsheets in a single operation;

-         WordPipe, an application that lets you find and replace text across multiple Word documents in a single operation;

-         File and Folder Watcher, an application to trigger file processing when new files arrive (e.g. large video files arriving via FTP);

-         DataPipe, a utility that makes it easy to search and replace information in live databases;

-         and other productivity software for Windows.



Editors: Full review copies are available on request - please reply to this email.

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