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HookKeys DLL is targeted at programmers who need to add global keyboard hooks to their applications to disable the keyboard.

The DLL can be included in any application after importing the DLL.


procedure InitLibrary( purchase_key : pchar )

purchase_key - Provides the purchase key to the DLL. This is a null terminated ANSI string. This field is ignored for the evaluation version.

procedure StartKeyBoardHook( exitPhrase : pchar )

exitPhrase is a pointer to a null terminated ANSI string, defining the exit phrase that must be typed for the keyboard lockout to end.

InitLibrary must be called first.

procedure StopKeyBoardHook

Ends the keyboard hook.

procedure DisableCtrlAltDel

If initialised, disables Ctrl+Alt+Del.

procedure EnableCtrlAltDel

If initialised, disables Ctrl+Alt+Del.

function hookEnded : boolean

Tests if the hook has ended, and returns true if so.

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