DataMystic Volume Licensing Program

DataMystic's Volume Licensing Program offers a flexible and easy way to license DataMystic's products to corporations, universities and schools, and public and government institutions, at great volume discounts to fit the needs of your enterprise.

With a low minimum order of only 3 units (or a site or enterprise license), plus the purchase of a single CD, you can quickly and legally implement our products. The greater your initial purchase, the greater your savings.

Advantages of DataMystic Volume Licensing

The DataMystic Volume Licensing Program consists of 3 different segments, each with very attractive discounts and competitive pricing:

DataMystic Volume Licensing Program purchase includes:

You can either purchase one CD for installation purposes, or download the full version from our secure web site and enter the receipt number to unlock it.

Need Additional Licenses at a later date?

DataMystic allows you the flexibility to grow and accumulate the number of licenses purchased as needed. Therefore, if you would like to add additional users to your current license at a later stage, you will receive the same low price as your original purchase. If your total cumulative order reaches the next quantity scale, your discount for the additional license order will be even greater.

Maintenance and Upgrades

Technical Support is available by

Upgrades are FREE of charge for one year from the purchase date, and can be downloaded from the DataMystic secure website.

Distributors and Resellers

DataMystic supports distributors and resellers with attractive prices and discounts.

For further information, please see our reseller site.

Order Your Volume License TODAY!

Please scan and email your order on your organization letterhead, indicating the following:

For additional questions or inquiries, please complete the contact form and submit. A representative will contact you shortly.