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Note: Because our upgrade prices vary depending on the product (TextPipe, WordPipe, ExcelPipe etc), Edition (Lite, Full, Floating etc), we don’t offer fixed upgrade ‘packages’, but instead calculate a price that is expressed in 'Units'. 1 Unit = USD 1.00.

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US check special 50.00 50.00 If paying by check please add USD 50.00
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  1. Payment terms are 30 days
  2. Wire transfers (preferred payment method) must be PRE-PAID
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  5. For checks please add USD 50.00
  6. We price in US$. If you are in Australia we can fix the price in AU$ only if you pay via BANK TRANSFER.
  7. If you have any questions concerning this quote, please call Simon on +61-3 phonenumber during Australian business hours ? GMT + 10 hours!


If you are an AUSTRALIAN customer AND are paying by BANK TRANSFER (NOT credit card), please scan and email your order to us. We will add 10% GST to your order, and send you electronic payment details with our invoice.