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Select the product you wish to buy from the list below. For upgrades and Extended Upgrade Packages, select the product you have purchased from the list below. Other information:

Prices are set in USD; approximate EUR and AUD pricing is shown by placing the mouse cursor on the * beside the USD price. We accept payment in multiple currencies. You can also use our currency converter to determine the relevant exchange rate.


TextPipe Buy TextPipe Industrial strength text manipulation workbench.
WordPipe Buy WordPipe Search and replace in Microsoft Word documents (.doc, .docx)  Bundles
ExcelPipe Buy ExcelPipe Search and replace in Microsoft Excel spreadsheets (.xls, .xlsx)  Bundles
PowerPointPipe Buy PowerPointPipe Search and replace in Microsoft PowerPoint presentations (.ppt, .pptx)  Bundles
detachpipe Buy DetachPipe Detach, save, compress, upload and remove attachments from Microsoft Outlook
File Watcher Buy File Watcher Trigger actions when new files arrive
datapipe Buy DataPipe Search and replace inside your database
EasyPattern Helper Buy EasyPattern Helper Makes pattern matching easy  Engine
EmailPipe Buy EmailPipe Extract Outlook emails to text files
Web Copyrighter Buy Web Copyrighter Protect your web content from misuse
ResumePipe Buy ResumePipe Extract Outlook emails and attachments to text files
Buy Clicker App Clear unwanted popup windows and dialog boxes originating from Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft PowerPoint.
AbusePipe Buy AbusePipe Abuse Desk Management: Identify email spam sources through email tracing

Desktop Products
Time Zone Helper Buy Time Zone Helper Show time zone differences
dirsize Buy DirSize Show folder sizes and wasted space
dirdate Buy DirDate Change file dates
shuticon Buy Arc Menu DOS-based menu system
zeroin Buy ZeroIn Quickly change between DOS directories
babyshield Buy BabyShield Lock the keyboard and mouse from baby
Clean 'n' Go Buy Clean 'n' Go Disable the keyboard or mouse for cleaning
Box shot Buy KeyboardLocker Disable the keyboard while watching a DVD

Developer Products
TextPipe Engine Buy TextPipe Engine Add TextPipe text processing to your application
Buy Now Buy HookKeys DLL Globally hook the keyboard
EasyPattern Engine Buy EasyPattern Engine Add EasyPatterns to your application

Other Products and Services
Tech Support? Buy Premium Support Premium Support
Buy Now Buy Referrals Referral payment
Box shot Buy Consulting Consulting payment
Box shot Buy Extended Upgrades Upgrades. If you need to purchase an upgrade, please login to the secure area. Only use this link if you need to add future upgrades to an initial purchase.
Box shot Buy Conversion Conversion payment, to a higher product
CDs Buy CDs Order your full products on CD
Evaluation CD Buy Evaluation CD Order a CD of our evaluation products
Box shot Buy Cloud Backup Cloud Backup (formerly Extended Download Service)

Payment Methods

We have selected Avangate and ShareIt to handle online transactions on behalf of DataMystic. Both have a long history of providing secure, reliable payment processing.

Multiple Purchases

To purchase multiple items from different pages, you can use the '<< Continue Shopping' link when the shopping cart is displayed (at the base of the page) to return to this site and add additional items. Just ensure you always use the first, default Buy Now button throughout.

Our Purchase Process

After your payment has been confirmed, we will email you a set of instructions for accessing our secure web site. After you have logged in with these instructions, you will see a list of all the purchases you have made, each with a corresponding link to download or email the registered software (you cannot convert the evaluation software to registered software). We also provide instructions to uninstall the evaluation software and install the registered software. The secure area also gives you information about updates, additional licenses and support plans.

Old Versions

Need more licenses of older versions that you know work and have tested thoroughly? Since the 'key' we issue on purchase is more of a receipt number than a technical key, you can purchase new licenses and use them against older versions. We are also able to re-supply the install files for older versions if you are purchasing new licenses.


  1. Ask a pre-sales question
  2. To purchase an Extended Upgrade Package, first login to the secure area
  3. View currency converter (opens in new window)

License Type

DataMystic software licenses are one year subscription licenses that also includes one year of upgrades - both major (e.g. 5.xx to 6.xx) and minor (e.g. 5.31 to 5.42).

End User License Agreement

Site and Enterprise Licenses, Volume Discounts

Educational and non-profit volume discount program. Contact us if you need a Site or Enterprise license that is not listed.

All our applications support unattended installation to make multi-user installs easier.

90 Day Money Back Guarantee

If for any reason you are unhappy with your purchase, send it back within 90 days for a full refund. Conditions apply


For an additional $19.99, you can purchase a CD of all your products. The CD will contain the products that you can currently download - our CD system does not retain older versions of software.

Multiple Purchases

Need to purchase multiple items from different pages? When the shopping cart is displayed, click the '<< Continue Shopping' link (at the base of the page) to return to this site and add additional items. Just ensure you always use the first, default Buy Now button throughout.


Find a reseller.

If you are a reseller purchasing on behalf of a customer, please follow our reseller guidelines. Become a reseller.


Both ShareIt and Avangate (our payment processors) can send you a receipt for your purchase - please contact them after purchasing.


You can generate a Quote (in the form of Purchase Order) through our online system - just click the [Generate a Quote] button instead of the [Buy] button. Prices are valid for 14 days.

Offline Purchasing - Purchase Orders, Fax and Mail Orders

Offline purchases are processed within 48 hours during regular business hours (Monday through Friday, 9 am to 5 pm PST). To receive licenses immediately or outside of business hours, please purchase online using a credit card.

You can generate a pre-filled Purchase Order or Quote by following the ONLINE process above and clicking the [Generate Proforma Purchase Order or Quote] button instead of a [Buy] button.

Important! Your Purchase Order, Fax Order or Mail Order MUST include the following items:

  1. The postal/shipping address must include the COUNTRY!
  2. The phone number must include the country code (international dialing prefix) in case we have to call you for clarification
  3. You must include a contact email address
  4. You must include Order Id numbers for each item - see the form above
  5. Please fax or post your purchase order to the closest address below:
USA Tel: +1 952 646-5022 or
+1 800 406 4966 (Mon-Fri 9am-5pm EST)
Fax. +1 952 646-4552

ShareIt! Inc.
9625 W 76th St
Eden Prairie
MN 55344

Europe Tel: +49 221 31088-30
(Mon-Fri 9am-7pm CET)

Fax: +49 221 31088-29

element 5 AG
Vogelsanger Str. 78
50823 Köln/Cologne

New Zealand/
Tel: phone +61 3 9028-8594   Skype DataMystic
(Does not handle credit card sales)
Please scan and email DataMystic
1 Dalmore Drive
Victoria 3179

Phone Orders

You can order by credit card over the phone if you do not have Internet access, please have the Order Id (see above) and your credit card ready.

See the table above for phone numbers.

Australian GST Pricing

Our online purchasing systems do NOT charge Australian GST to Australian customers. If you need to be charged GST, please scan and email your purchase order to us. DataMystic Pty Ltd ACN 073 690 712, ABN 62 372 799 612.