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TextPipe integrates with other DataMystic applications and with a growing list of third-party applications.

DataMystic's Applications
ResumePipe search replace icon ResumePipe

Extracts emails and their attachments from Microsoft Outlook. Each email and its attachment is combined into one text file, and can then be processed using TextPipe Pro to remove garbage characters, standardize formatting and re-word wrap.

DataPipe search replace icon DataPipe

Uses TextPipe Pro to modify database records live in your databases using scripts and pattern matching.

WordPipe search replace icon WordPipe

Search and replace in MS-Word documents using Word-like search/replace features or TextPipe Pro.

File and Folder Watcher icon File and Folder Watcher

Watches a folder for new files, and triggers TextPipe or another process on arrival.

Microsoft Add-ins

For Microsoft Add-ins required by TextPipe Pro, such as the scripting engine and the latest database drivers, please see Other Downloads.