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 As there are a zillion other tools that will do conversions without a mainframe
connection I doubt it's something that would get added to HIS.

 Tools that will do it include TextPipe Pro Buy Now Buy Download 


> I am new to HIS and have no mainframe experience, however looking at these 
> posts it seems to me I can not use HIS 2006 to convert/import a mainframe 
> file into ascii. We get mainframe files from a vendor that conform to a 
> copybook. The copybook imports nicely using the Host file project, however I 
> dont seem to find a way to import the actual EBCDIC file that conforms to the 
> copybook, seems to me a  physical connection to the mainframe that is 
> required.
> Will such a functionality be there in the future versions? 

 Neil Pike.  Protech Computing Ltd
 Microsoft SNA/HIS MVP

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