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TextPipe Standard allows you to:

  • Convert between Unicode and 145 other encodings (UTF-8, ISO-8859-*, BIG5 [see list])
  • Convert between 151 code pages/character sets (OEM, ANSI, ASCII [see list])
  • Convert huge multi-Gigabyte files
  • Run overnight via command line or scripting
  • and more!

Easily Convert ASCII/ANSI, Unicode and Windows code pages with TextPipe Standard. TRY IT FREE

TextPipe's Filters Menu\Convert\Code Pages filter converts between any OEM code page and 151 Windows code page formats. Download now -->

Here's How

  1. Double-click Filters\Unicode\Convert to and from Unicode (this adds a filter to My Filter List)
  2. Specify the FROM format or code page e.g. UTF-8, UTF-16LE, Code Page 1255, ISO 8859-1, BIG5 etc
  3. Specify the TO format or code page e.g. ASCII, ANSI, Code Page 500, UTF-8 etc.
  4. Drag and drop the files to TextPipe's window
  5. Click Go at the base of TextPipe's window

And...TextPipe handles multi-Gigabyte files with ease, and can be automated or scripted for overnight processing. Download now -->


TextPipe also has a huge range of filters for code page conversions, conversions to/from Unicode, restricting changes to a given area, and you can even write custom filters in VBScript or JScript.


Like us...you'll find yourself using TextPipe again and again for all kinds of text-processing tasks.

Try it now for free. Setup takes only 1 minute

Installing TextPipe is a simple process that takes only 1 minute.


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