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Download Script Control Microsoft Windows Script Control - Windows 98

TextPipe Standard and Pro requires this to process scripts written in VBScript and JScript, and with extra downloadable modules, PerlScript, REXXscript and PythonScript. Any of our products that use TextPipe Pro's scripting filters will also need the same downloads. To make use of this control with Windows Vista you may have to disable User Access Control (UAC).

download Download MS Script Control
For scripting with VBA (Visual Basic for Applications), you need to have VBA installed. Click here.
For scripting with PerlScript, please see

If you still cannot get the ActiveX Scripting Control to work, please download this file and extract it to your Windows\System folder.

Download Adobe Acrobat reader Adobe Acrobat reader

To view, search and print the Arc Menu manual and product brochures.


Download Script Control

VBScript reference documentation

Download DOS Explorer DOS Explorer Add-On

Useful in conjunction with DirDate


Download Convert MS-Word documents to RTF (Rich Text) format so that you can use TextPipe Pro to fix them up.

Free with any TextPipe Pro purchase


Download DOS Explorer

Clear Read/Only flag

Makes it easy to clear the read-only flag on entire folders and subfolders. It really annoying when you copy files from CD-ROM and they are copied as read-only. Just right-click the folder and choose 'Clear Read Only flag' from the Context Menu. Free!