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TextPipe® Pro 10.2 has arrived!

World's Leading Text Mining, Conversion and IoT Data Platform

Industrial strength text conversion, ETL, cleansing/scrubbing, re-purposing, transformation and extraction workbench, for Mainframe, data historian to IoT, SSIS, PDF, Word/Excel, HTML-XML, JSON, and delimited data.

TextPipe will save you time and frustration in fixing text data, regardless of the number of changes required, the size or number of files, and the complexity of the transformations.

TextPipe now includes new connectors to stream historian (industrial sensor) data to IoT solutions for Big Data time-series analytics.

"The ultimate text conversion and manipulation tool" - PCMAG

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Migrate Links, Translate, Search and Replace and more across Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint Documents

Update quality manuals, migrate document links to new servers, translate files. When your corporation changes phone numbers, addresses or web sites, or migrates data to a new server, fix all affected documents in one hit. Import search/replace lists from Excel, use Unicode and more. Check out our great value bundles!

WordPipeTM - for Microsoft Word or OpenOffice Documents
ExcelPipeTM - for Microsoft Excel  or OpenOffice Spreadsheets
PowerPointPipeTM - for Microsoft PowerPoint  or OpenOffice Presentations

Data Consulting - Turn-Key Solutions for Document Migration and Conversion

We offer a complete range of data consultant services to help in your data conversion or data migration projects. With 20 years consulting experience, your project will be managed seamlessly from start to finish with daily status reports. The right tools, the right people,the right job. more

Data Conversion and Manipulation

Regarded by CNet as the most comprehensive text manipulation workbench available, TextPipe delivers blazing performance across multi-step text extraction, cleansing and conversion tasks.

TextPipe Pro / Standard / Engine
Industrial strength text transformation workbench for data conversion, data mining and electronic publishing.
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EasyPatternTM Helper
English-like pattern matching (regular expressions) for non-programmers that work first time. Match phone numbers with [3 digits, punctuation, 3 digits, punctuation, 4 digits]
Search/replace database data without export and import. Prompt on replace, EasyPattern matching, surname capitalization, standardize address data, write column scripts in VBScript or JScript...

Microsoft Outlook Time- and Space-savers

DetachPipe - trusted by the UK's NHS (National Health Service) to purchase a 500,000 user license for managing email attachments.


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News & Events

July 19, 2017

WordPipe 9.4.2 - Update to ribbons

March 20, 2017

TextPipe 10.1 - improved mainframe conversion, save/load Shell Extensions

August 22, 2016

DataPipe 5.0 - x64/x32, refreshed UI, now with TP 10.0

August 22, 2016

ExcelPipe 7.4 - Easily kill MS Excel if running, SharePoint URL now allows https://

August 22, 2016

PowerPointPipe 5.3 Easily kill MS PowerPoint if running, SharePoint URL now allows https://

March 20, 2016

DetachPipe 8.0 - Fixed scheduled detach not working

October 9, 2015

Time Zone Helper 4 released - get timezones right for a change!

March 11, 2015

ManageBGL 3.0 - Prediction and Coaching tool for Type 1 diabetics

February 6, 2015

DirDate 6.5 - Fixed integer overflow error

December 11, 2013

File and Folder Watcher 3.9 released - now can customize polling interval

December 11, 2013

EmailPipe 2.3 - long awaited updated

July 15, 2013

DirSize 6.1 - fixed missing files.

July 12, 2013

Added Portable Editions of WordPipe, ExcelPipe, PowerPointPipe and DirSize

April 23, 2013

KeyboardLocker 3.5.1 - now hides to system tray, and can be unlocked and disabled programmatically

December 29, 2012

ManageBGL 1.4 - Prediction and Coaching tool for Type 1 diabetics

November 3, 2011

ClipSize 2.6 - Monitor your Windows clipboard usage and clear it to prevent crashes with video or image software.

September 9, 2011

AbusePipe released as a managed service - for handling emailed complaints sent to ISP abuse desks

March 25, 2011

EasyPattern Helper released - Now uses EasyPatterns v2.5, improved user interface