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Match What You Want - EasyPattern Helper

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EasyPattern Helper is the perfect tool for designing and testing regular expressions that match what YOU want. EP Helper continuously applies the pattern to your test string as you type - so you see matches immediately, preventing mistakes on production data.

You can use your tested pattern with thousands of tools that support perl-style patterns. Patterns can also be saved and re-loaded.

Supported Patterns

EP Helper fully supports perl-style regular expressions, and grep, egrep and fgrep regex.

EP Helper also supports EasyPatterns (which can be converted to perl regex) - read more below.

Easy Pattern Helper's screen (Click to enlarge)

EasyPatterns - Patterns that Humans Can Read and Understand!

EasyPattern is an English-like text pattern matching language that humans can actually read and understand!

EasyPatterns make parsing a US phone number as easy as :

[ PhoneNumber ]

or if you prefer the long way:

[ optional punctuation, 3 digits, punctuation, 3 digits,
punctuation, 4 digits ]

(The equivalent perl-style regular expression is



EasyPatterns can be converted to perl patterns for use in thousands of other programs.

Read more about EasyPatterns



Excellent (5/5), Jul 2005

 Excellent (5/5), Jul 2005

 Excellent (5/5), Jun 2005

 Editor's Choice Jun 2005

 Editor's Choice  Jun 2005

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