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150 files per 'run'
40 search/replace phrases
Unlimited files / phrases Unlimited files Unlimited files
1 User or 1 Workstation Pay only what you need Client runs on workstation, license server (included) runs on server or workstation 1 Server
Not transferable
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excelpipe box excelpipe box
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$99 from $0.015 per modified document

Other Bundles

$749 $899

1. One workstation, or One user only

All Licenses can modify files in both workstation and server locations.

2. Floating License

The floating license allows multiple users to share access to the software. If one floating license is purchased, then for example, 10 or more people can have the software installed, but only one can use it at a time - other users are locked out. For two floating licenses, two people can use the software simultaneously, but hundreds can actually have it installed.

Access is controlled by the Floating License Server which is included in the purchase price. The client software and the Floating License Server can be run on both workstation and server class computers. The Floating License Server must be running for the client software to work. More info.

All Licenses can modify files in both workstation and server locations.

3. Server License

The file server version is only needed when you want to run WordPipe/ExcelPipe/PowerPointPipe together with Microsoft Office on the File Server where the files are stored, eliminating network latency. This starts to become useful around the 50,000+ document range.

All Licenses can modify files in both workstation and server locations.

Document Volume

(*) For large numbers of files the Full versions are essential. Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint (regardless of version - etc) all have memory leaks (bugs) that cause them to crash after large numbers of documents, and they crash sooner with small numbers of very large documents. For this, the restart capabilities in the Full versions are absolutely essential, especially if you plan to run the replace task overnight or over the weekend.

Other Trade Names

ExcelPipe Find and Replace for Excel