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  • Title of your demo : TextPipe Quick Demo
  • Slides quantity.......: 72
  • Demo duration.......: 05:48 mins.
  • Demo file size.........: 1432 KB

What do I have to do now?

If you wish to place your Demo on your Homepage then you have to upload the demo files to your Web-Server. If you wish to put your Demo on a CD-ROM or Hard Disk, you have to copy the files into a directory / folder. You will find further information about hosting Demos/Tutorials and posting them on your site below.

Host your Demos on your own server or on a CD-ROM

[Step 1]
You have to upload your Demo files manually to your Web Server or copy the files to a directory.

These Files should be copied to your Web Server or to a directory:

  • quickdemo.htm
  • quickdemo.swf
  • tdemo.js

[Step 2]
After you have uploaded / copied your Demo Files, you can post them on a Web page. Now, copy and paste the following link to your HTML-Page:

Use this link in your homepage in order to open your Demo/Tutorial:

<a href="javascript:openDemo('quickdemo',820,650);">TextPipe Quick Demo</a>

Here is an HTML - Source Code example of how to play a Demo

<script language="JavaScript" src="tdemo.js"></script></head>

Play Demo: <a href="javascript:openDemo('quickdemo',820,650);">TextPipe Quick Demo</a>