search/replace on special characters in hyperlinks

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Dan in MN

search/replace on special characters in hyperlinks

Post by Dan in MN » Fri Apr 22, 2005 6:53 am

Hi, I have another question regarding search/replace in hyperlinks.

I have several hyperlinks that also have bookmarks inside the tags, for example:

I am trying to get them to look like this:
javascript:link('dhs_id_888333.hcsp','here'), or javascript:link('dhs_id_888333.hcsp#here','')

We've tried several different methods to get this to happen, including using ASCII character codes with wildcard characters. The problem seems to be that the characters after the '#' are not being picked up, even with a wildcard expression like "hcsp(*)".

Any ideas on how we can do this? Thanks!

-Dan in MN

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