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Posted: Wed Nov 28, 2012 12:38 pm
by DataMystic Support
We hope you like these new features!

New Very Low GI carbs for pizza, lasagne etc
Configurable 'normal' range - previously set to 4-10mmol/L (72-180mg/dL) - see
Charts can now show custom time ranges
Sensitivities now easier to edit with drop downs for hours and minutes, less confusion for afternoon and night-time values
Auto-login now remembers that last selected patient (very handy for multi-patient setups)
Factors now show duration in minutes in charts fly-over help
New Accu-check meters/pumps added
Hypo corrections (V.High GI foods) now also shown in multiples of the hypo food e.g. 18g (6 jelly beans)
Now validates duration for factors
Fixed some pages with charts not working on iphone
Entering hypo food now clears carbs edit box and vice versa
Wizard now logs Insulin for Carbs and Correction as well as IOB and Factors
Report logbook now links to individual day charts