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TextPipe 9.2 released!

Posted: Sun Aug 12, 2012 9:50 pm
by DataMystic Support
Many bug fixes and new features, documentation updates and more in TextPipe 9.2.

Download from Secure Area,, or evaluation free trials,

Please let us know if you have any problems with it.

What's New
* Massive performance improvement for large added strings, such as headers and
* Mainframe copybook filter now handles the option 'Process numeric fields
only' properly – previously it output blanks for alpha fields in this mode.
* New popup menu for the status log – options to copy the log entry, copy all
log entries, open the referenced file or its containing folder.
* New filter Convert HTML/XML Entities to Text, as it handles both numeric and
253 named entities.
* New 'Copy to Clipboard' button for Search/Replace list filter.
* Right-click menus now display available environment variables and their
current values, for easy insertion.
* Updated internal PCRE (Pattern Matching) engine to v8.30 and support for
Unicode 6.1.0.
* The perl regex position '^' for the start of the file now works with Unix
* TextPipe Engine now returns an error if the output file is open in another
application – in the same way the GUI does.
* Improved COM object model to have less embedded references to objects, making
it easier to free the objects. Also, calling the output* and input* functions
when calling the TextPipe.FilterWindow object no longer result in errors.
* Uninstall from now on will not remove settings.
* 'updateDate' in registry can now be set to zero to disable update checking.
* TextPipe Engine now ignores Ctrl+C and Ctrl+Break.
* MIME Base 64 Decoder now excludes the trailing garbage character.
* Output Filter now allows macros and ENV vars in the single output filename.
* Fixed threading errors when cancelling running jobs.
* Debug window and embedded help windows now record their size correctly.
* Stack overflow, as in the case of pattern matches with poor constraints, are
now trapped as Exit Code 254.
* Fixed environment variable substitution error in filenames.