dirdate Set DOS Directory Dates

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DirDate is a command line tool that can easily be automated to change folder and file last modification date, creation date or last access date. It can change dates using either a reference file (where you can 'lift' the date from an existing file), the EXIF Date Taken date from your photos, the current date/time or a series of YEAR, MONTH, DAY, HOUR, MIN, SEC and MSEC commands. It can process files in subfolders, and it has a preview mode so that you can see which files will be modified. You can set file date and times right down to the 0.1 microseconds (100 nanosecond increments), or even tweak existing times up and down.

Use it to:

Simple example - set all file creation dates to Christmas day:

dirdate CREATION= date=12/25/2000 time=12:00:00 *.*

Simple example 2 - add 10 minutes to file modification dates:

dirdate MODIFIED= MINUTES=+10 *.*

Simple example 3 - reset folder dates to the date of the oldest file (e.g. after you copy photos to a new computer)

dirdate -r -diroldest "c:\My Documents\My Pictures"

Simple example 4 - copy file creation dates from one set of folders to another:

dirdate.exe -report -r CREATION= *.* > report.bat

Then just copy report.bat to the new folder and run it!

Example 5 - extract EXIF date taken and apply it to the file, and add a DST offset

dirdate.exe CREATION= MODIFIED= EXIF hour=+1 c:\aemail\*.jpg

Very complex example - use the following DOS .BAT command (this will NOT work from the command line) to alter the creation date of all .WAV files on drive X: to the creation date of a correspondingly-named .WMA reference file.

FOR %%A IN (x:\*.wav) DO dirdate CREATION= "filec=x:\%%~nA.WMA" "x:\%%~nA.wav"

This example (again, only works in a batch file) sets the creation date (CREATION) to the modified date of the reference file (FILE=)

FOR /R %%A IN (*.*) DO dirdate CREATION= file="%%A" "%A"

DirDate runs under Microsoft® Windows® 10, 8, 7, Vista®, 2019/2016/2012/2008/2003 Server, XP x32 and x64. DirDate also comes with a 16-bit version for DOS and Windows 3.1, which can be used to change folder, volume label and file entry dates, file sizes and attributes under Windows 3.1 and DOS using direct disk writes, and it is the only application that can change DOS folder dates using direct disk writes.

Robocopy didn’t copy the MODIFIED dates ?

If you use RoboCopy, DirDate can be used to restore the original file created and last modified dates from RoboCopy's default date of '02.01.1980'.

In the source folder, run:

dirdate.exe -report -r MODIFIED= *.* > report.bat

Then just copy report.bat to the new folder and run it!

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According to the Microsoft website, NTFS delays updates to the last access time for a file by up to one hour after the last access. Also note that right-clicking the file in Explorer counts as an access. To see the genuine last access time, use

dir /ta



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