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Compatible with Windows 7 OS
Software runs successfully on Windows 98, 2000, XP, 2003, Vista & Windows 7 and 8 x32/x64

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Reduce the size of your Outlook folder files (PST file), making them smaller, easier to backup, and making Outlook faster and more reliable.

DetachPipe manages your email attachments by automatically (or manually) detaching attachments and saving them to disk, while leaving a clickable link in the email in their place. Attachments can be compressed to save space, and identical attachments can be merged to a single copy. What's new in this version? 

How do I use it?

  1. You'll find DetachPipe's ribbon at the top of the Outlook window, and other places.
  2. Select the email or group of emails you want to process
  3. Click the appropriate button in the Ribbon.

Instant Detach - saves attachments to disk with no prompting - using the Manual settings

Detach... - saves attachments to disk and leaves a clickable link in the email (you can restore the attachment later if needed)

Save to disk - saves attachments to disk (the email is left unchanged)

Delete - deletes attachments

Restore - reattaches any detached files

Compress - compresses attachments, making them smaller

Decompress - uncompresses attachments, restoring them to their original size

Unlink - converts DetachPipe links to normal links so deleting the email does not delete the attachment at the same time

Folders... - lets you select a group of folders for processing

Common Tasks

  • To process one email, select it and choose from the icons
  • To process a group of emails/selection, select them and choose from the icons
  • To process a folder, right-click it and choose DetachPipe\Detach Folder...
  • To setup a Rule for a folder, right-click it and choose DetachPipe\Create auto detach rule or DetachPipe\Create scheduled detach rule
  • For automatic operation, click DetachPipe\Settings..., Detach settings tab/Incoming or Outgoing
  • To detach attachments after 30 days, click DetachPipe\Settings..., Detach settings tab/Scheduled Detach
  • To manually process a set of folders, click the DetachPipe\Folders. You can then choose the folders to process
  • To process the current email, right-click it and choose from the DetachPipe submenu.

DetachPipe Menu


Tools Submenu


Open all attachments - opens every attachment without having to click on each individually.

Verify links- checks that all DetachPipe links point to real documents

Process email body with TextPipe... - run text processing over the contents of the email Submenu

Sends large attachments privately via a secure web site -

Upload All to - uploads attachments from all selected emails to your account

Invite to - invites users from all selected emails to use

Login - validates your login information against

Upload new file(s) - uploads one more files directly to

Show progress... - shows the progress of any uploads.

Settings... - configures Incoming, Outgoing, Scheduled Detach and Manual settings.

Help - brings up this help file

Buy DetachPipe Now - goes to

DetachPipe on the Web - goes to

Check Web for DetachPipe Updates

Change language - changes the user interface language

About - shows the About dialog