DataPipe is here, and has many new time-saving features to help you work smarter. DataPipe rescues you from having to fix up database fields by writing horrendous SQL queries or extracting the data, fixing it and re-importing. Sophisticated search and replaces can be performed with ease. Since DataPipe uses TextPipe Pro, you may also wish to see what's new in TextPipe Pro.


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DataPipe has all the new features you need to be more productive. Try DataPipe today, you'll love how efficient you can be!

New Features

What's New in DataPipe v5.1 - July 17, 2018

* Updated license module.

You'll love what you can do with DataPipe! Try it today.

What's new in TextPipe Pro

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Detailed Changes Log

What's New in DataPipe v5.0 - August 19, 2016

* Total rewrite for x64 - new internal controls. Faster. * Now includes TextPipe 10.0.

What's New in DataPipe v4.0 - July 3, 2013

* Upgraded included TextPipe to v9.5.

What's New in DataPipe v3.9 - February 24, 2011

* New drop down menu item to browse for more filters, as some users were confused about how many filters it showed in this history list.

What's New in DataPipe v3.8 - October 22, 2009

* Now includes TextPipe Pro as part of the install.

What's New in DataPipe v3.7.1 - June 15, 2009

* New Syntax parser for SQL.

What's New in DataPipe v3.7

* Support for the latest TextPipe, and /UNINSTALL parameter.

What's New in DataPipe v3.6

* Minor GUI changes.

What's New in DataPipe v3.5.1

* When a table name is selected from the drop down list (rather than a query being entered), DataPipe will only retrieve the modified columns from the database. This is a workaround for a bug in MySQL's MyODBC driver when BLOB fields are retrieved.

What's New in DataPipe v3.5

* Selecting a table from the drop-down list now uses the syntax select * from `` (ie backquotes) Instead of select * from "" for compatibility with MySQL. * Updated help file.

What's New in DataPipe v3.4

* New release for new release of TextPipe Pro.

What's New in DataPipe v3.3

* Now checks the TextPipe version number and gives a warning if it is too low.

What's New in DataPipe v3.2

* Syntax highlighting editor for SQL code. * When the user saves a filter inside TextPipe, DataPipe forces the default folder to be DataPipe's folder. This makes it far easier to find out where filters are being saved. * Cells that have been changed are now shown in Yellow in the Preview Changes grid.

What's New in DataPipe v3.1

* DataPipe can now be completely automated via the command line. * DataPipe can now process multiple databases and multiple tables - all via the command line. * DataPipe has a new feature to export all its parameters to a command line form - ready to insert into a batch file. * The DataPipe-TextPipe architecture has changed to allow filters to use TextPipe's startJob and endJob functions inside VBScript filters. This allows filters to easily add record ids, counters and other record-by-record data fields. * Much faster.

What's New in DataPipe v2.9.2

* Language strings for combo boxes now loaded.

What's New in DataPipe v2.9.1

* Minor changes to handle TextPipe Pro 6.4.1.

What's New in DataPipe v2.9

* Improved handling of large screen sizes. * Row height now automatically adjusts to font size.

What's New in DataPipe v2.8

* Added control over the cursor type, cursor location and lock type. * A warning is written to the log file if the desired cursor/lock option is not available from the data provider. * Now traps errors like the record being deleted. * If errors are detected, the error label can be clicked to show the log file. * Tip of the Day now defaults to On.

What's New in DataPipe v2.7

* Added restart control so a job can be resumed at a given record if it is cancelled or stopped. * Added logging to generate a detailed audit trail. * A default query is now inserted when the query string is blank. * Right clicking on a column can now be used to copy the column's data to the clipboard, which can then be easily used to test the TextPipe filter. * When a filter edit button [...] is clicked to create a new filter, DataPipe adds text to TextPipe's comment tab to say which column and which query the filter is designed for, and also adds sample data to the Trial Run Area tab when sample data is available. * Status window now stays on top. * Improved handling of Asian languages. * Now beeps on job completion.

What's New in DataPipe v2.6

* Added missing file to distribution - stdvcl40.dll. This caused the error "Error loading type library/DLL". * Fixed a problem when selecting a recently used file that you could be prompted to save changes twice.

What's New in DataPipe v2.5

* New 'Edit' menu with Cut, Copy and Paste. * Table names list is now only updated after the database connection string has changed. * Default row height is now saved, and is copied from the data preview grid to the sample results grid. This value is also saved with the settings file.

What's New in DataPipe v2.4.1

* Requires TextPipe Pro 6.2.8 or later for better integration. * New menu item and toolbar button for 'New' settings. * New menu item to Hide TextPipe Pro * Transform Grid now resizes the filter name columns to its maximum. * Table names are only queried when the data string has been completely changed, not during changes. This prevents errors popping up for each key press. * If changes have been made to the settings, you are prompted to save them prior to opening a new file or the settings being cleared. * The history of previous filter names now drops down 10 rows. * The list of transformation filters are now checked by DataPipe (instead of TextPipe - to see if they exist before a preview or main run is initiated. This makes errors quicker to identify and handle.

What's New in DataPipe v2.4

* New demo database and sample modifications are included in the installation. * Better integration with TextPipe Pro (now requires TextPipe Pro 6.2.7 or later). * New Tip of the Day dialog. * Grids now show update messages when preview data can't be displayed. * Go button now updates immediately when it is pressed to give visual feedback. * The process of starting a job is now much faster, as pre-validation as combined with another stage. * Errors are now displayed if field values are incorrect e.g. if an empty value is assigned to a NOT NULL field, or if a multi-line value is assigned to a single line field etc.

What's New in DataPipe v2.3.2

* New status messages to indicate what is being processed. * 'Save' and 'Save As' now add the filename to the recent files list. * The initial folder for the Save and Open dialogs now defaults to the folder of the last loaded file. * The preview grid now copies its column widths from the sample data grid. * The grids now update immediately when the scroll bar is moved, rather than after it is released. * Far better handling of error conditions when filters cannot be accessed.

What's New in DataPipe v2.3.1

* Added 'Reconnect to TextPipe' menu item in case of RPC server errors. * Fixed display bug with preview grid.

What's New in DataPipe v2.3

* Improved handling of NULL values. Now these are passed to and from TextPipe Pro as the text value ''. * Refresh button now refreshes either the data preview or the results preview, depending on which tab sheet is currently displayed. * Much faster - now uses early binding interface. * New options dialog to set the display language. * Russian translation available. * Fixed bug with handling of table names with embedded spaces - DataPipe now quotes these.

What's New in DataPipe v2.2

* Improved interface to TextPipe Pro makes it easy to use and edit filters * User Interface can now be translated to other languages

What's New in DataPipe v2.1

* Initial release! See for more details on DataPipe