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This is a collection of frequently asked questions about DataPipe. 

Online Demonstrations

The links below demonstrate how to perform common DataPipe actions. If you have suggestions for other online demonstrations please contact us.

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Other help resources


Why doesn't my query/database driver work?

Setting up a database connection string

How can I improve the performance (like speed up query data retrieval)?
Avoid returning too many fields. Performance suffers as a larger number of fields are returned. For example using "SELECT * FROM TableName" when TableName has 40 fields, and you really need to modify only 2 or 3 fields.

How do I use multiword table / field names (spaces in Table or Field name)?
This depends on which database you connect to. Some database prefer multiword names in [ ] brackets (such as Access), others prefer them in quotes or double quotes:
SELECT [Last Name], [First Name] FROM [Address Book]

How do I use constant fields in a SQL query?
SELECT ''2002'', [First Name], Salary FROM Employees

How should my SELECT statement look for an Excel spreadsheet?
SELECT * FROM [Sheet1$];


"Catastrophic failures" using MySQL/MyODBC

Ensure you set the username, password and database name in the ODBC connection (System DSN) itself, not in DataPipe's connection string. This is a known bug in the MySQL driver.


Where do I get TextPipe Pro from?

TextPipe Pro is NOT included in the DataPipe download - when DataPipe finishes installing it prompts you to install TextPipe. If you miss the dialog you can still download TextPipe separately from the DataMystic web site - click here.

If you have purchased DataPipe, you must download the registered version of TextPipe Pro by logging in to the secure area using your password. The TextPipe Pro download link is listed underneath the DataPipe download links.


Query cannot be updated because the FROM clause is not a single simple table name


2003-09-19,14:35:05,Info,Query is [SELECT * FROM "cvmaster"]
2003-09-19,14:35:05,Error,Error updating row 1, Query cannot be updated because the FROM clause is not a single simple table name

This error message means that CVMASTER is not a simple table. Usually it is a view of a table or is itself a query with an underlying table. With DataPipe you always need to be querying the underlying table, otherwise the database cannot determine which actual record to update.

I get "Error loading type library/DLL" when I make changes

We missed a file back in version 2.6. Please either download DataPipe again, or download this file (STDVCL40.ZIP), and extract the zip file contents (stdvcl40.dll) to your C:\Program Files\DataPipe folder.

Invalid field size

One of your fields looks invalid - perhaps by excluding it you can get it to work e.g.

Select f1, f2, f3, f4, f5 from outcome;

Possible reasons could be:
- size is not 0 and field is not a blob
- size > maximum string size of 8192 bytes
- wide string field has length less than 0
- binary field has length of 0
- BCD field has length greater than 32
- GUID field has length not equal to 38

SQL-Server 2005 database errors with field data not being trimmed


If you get a DataPipe error such as Invalid column value set on row XXX, column "YYYY", try adding a VBScript at the end of all your filters to return the rtrim(field) of each field. SQL Server doesn't seem to cope with extra spaces at the end of the field, even if that is what you want!



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