The Copyright Information to Include

Enter the copyright text you wish to encode in the Text to Encode box. The text should take the form of

Copyright 1995-2017 DataMystic Australia

giving the first year of publication, and of any subsequent releases or updates. It should include your company name (or personal name) and your country.

The text is automatically capitalized. You can insert a copyright symbol at the cursor position by clicking Insert Symbol.

The text can include numbers 0-9 and most punctuation marks - all letters are uppercased. Any characters not represented are removed, and a warning will appear in the Status Bar if any have been removed.

Try to minimize the length of the encoded text. The phrases 'Copyright ', 'http://', 'All Rights Reserved', '.com' and 'www.' are compressed, so you can include them with little penalty.

Encoding the Text

As you type, Web Copyrighter will generate special hidden codes that can be pasted into your web page source (HTML source).

Encoding Set

The full version also allows a different set of encodings to be used.

Once Done

When you're happy with your text, copy the encoding to the clipboard by clicking Copy to Clipboard.

Then paste it into your HTML source code, your RSS feed data, XML feeds, and any other public source of content you have.

A good approach is to use tools such as TextPipe and DataPipe (see the Additional Tools tab) to insert the codes before every full stop in your web pages.