Additional Tools for Web Copyrighter

TextPipe Pro - apply search and replace across your entire website. Use it to embed Web Copyrighter codes across every page of your site, for example, at the end of every sentence or the end of every paragraph.

DataPipe™ - interactively or automatically search/replace in your database. Use it to embed Web Copyrighter codes across all data in your database, such as in the raw data of RSS or XML feeds.


Search and Replace Across MS Office Documents

When your corporation changes phone number, address or web site, or migrates data to a new server, fix all affected documents in one hit. Use search/replace lists, Unicode and more.

For Microsoft Word - WordPipe™
For Microsoft Excel - ExcelPipe™
For Microsoft PowerPoint - PowerPointPipe™


Other Tools

EasyPatterns™ - English-like text patterns for mere mortals e.g. to match phone numbers, use [3 digits, punctuation, 3 digits, punctuation, 4 digits].



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