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    Expand Binary Number to ASCII/EBCDIC

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This filter expands a series of digits stored in binary form. The maximum width is 8 bytes.

There are several notes to keep in mind when using this filter:

  1. You MUST use this filter inside a Restrict to Byte Range filter. The field WIDTH is then set by the containing filter.
  2. Expanding a field will increase your output record length, so ensure you allow for this. A good strategy to avoid problems is to first expand the rightmost field, then work your work back to the leftmost field. This prevents the field column positions from changing and makes the file easier to work with.

This page covers two filters - one outputs the result in ASCII, and the other outputs the result in EBCDIC (the assumption is that the data will later be converted to ASCII).

See also our mainframe conversion guide online in the documents area.

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