ResumePipe is here, and has many new time-saving features to help you work smarter. ResumePipe rescues you from endless pointing and clicking on emails and attachments - and it saves you time by automatically extracting each email and its attachments to one file, which you can instantly import into your Applicant Tracking System. Since ResumePipe uses TextPipe Pro, you may also wish to see what's new in TextPipe Pro.

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ResumePipe has all the new features you need to be more productive. Try ResumePipe today, you'll love how efficient you can be!

New Features

What's New in v2.9.2

  • Improved memory handling for very large numbers of emails.
  • ResumePipe only connects to Word if Attachment processing is enabled.
  • The Word Macro field and Attachments Dialog button are now dimmed if Attachment processing is disabled.
  • You'll love what you can do with ResumePipe! Try it today.

    What's new in TextPipe Pro

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    Detailed Changes Log

    What's New in v2.9.1

  • .RPP files were not loading correctly

    What's New in v2.9

  • Now handles opening documents with passwords for open and modify, and protection passwords.
  • New a custom MS Word macro can be run before the document is processed. This can used to move applicant header data down into the document body (applicants sometimes use the header for contact information).
  • Now processed emails can be set to 'Read' or not. Disabling this option gives better operation with email clients that are not 100% MAPI compliant.
  • The Email/Attachment Header/Footer fields are now syntax highlighted for ease of use.
  • Double-clicking on the filename and folder fields now opens the file or folder.
  • Now correctly detects when TextPipe Pro is not installed, and offers to download it (ResumePipe Pro only).
  • TextPipe's Wizard and Tips of the Day windows are disabled prior to TextPipe being run (ResumePipe Pro only).
  • Email source and destination folders are now validated before running - MAPI software such as Outlook changes its internal ID of folders when they are renamed, moved or copied, and also when they are connected to from a different computer or with a different login name.
  • Short cuts on labels now highlight the correct field (two were wrong).
  • The previous TextPipe Pro filter filename is now loaded from registry on program start.
  • Translations for combo boxes now loaded.
  • GroupWise mail fix for moving messages to a new folder.

    What's New in v2.8

  • Now handles Public Folders, and multiple .PST files.
  • New command line option /UPDATECOUNT to save the updated file number to the ResumePipe settings file for the next run.
  • New button to test the mail login.
  • New menu item to browse the Text Files folder.
  • New macros %CC and %BCC can be embedded in the emails.

    What's New in v2.7.4

  • Improved handling of large screen sizes.

    What's New in v2.7.3

  • Changed default startup behavior to now load demo.
  • Minor changes to MAPI code for Lotus Notes.
  • Minor change to database schema to allow any string value in date field.

    What's New in v2.7.2

  • If an attachment type doesn't support printing, ResumePipe will add a message to the exception list and keep processing instead of stopping with an error.
  • There is now a validation check to see if TextPipe is installed if a TextPipe filter has actually been specified.
  • Fix for when the email body is not found (in the case of an attachment-only email).
  • Fix for detached files not being deleted.
  • Fixed handling of double-clicking on an exception email in the exceptions list.
  • Fixed memory leak which caused MAPI out of memory errors after 1500+ emails were processed.

    What's New in v2.7.1

  • Fixed /Q command line switch not working.
  • ResumePipe now uses a single MAPI session, which prevents errors with so-called 'short-term' entry ids.
  • Much faster as email object interface pointers are now cached and reused.
  • Folder structure is no longer 'flattened' - all folders now occupy their correct location in the folder hierarchy, and the folder display is no longer confusing.

    What's New in v2.7

  • Now unpacks forwarded emails e.g. when a recruiter forwards you an email as an attachment, and the attachment is an email with attached documents, ResumePipe will unpack all the attachments.
  • Can now save attachments to a folder for later handling. The attachment name is also appended to the text output file.
  • Can now print attachments to the default printer (e.g. for OCR scanning). The attachment name is also appended to the text output file.
  • The 'manual handling' folder can be set, and the filename of the offending attachment can be customized to include the date, FROM, SENT, TO, SUBJECT field and the NUMBER of the email being processed.
  • The Manual folder can be quickly reached from the Options menu.
  • %TO now inserts the 'to' email address into the email header. This is great for automatically handling emails according to who they are sent to, even with common email boxes.
  • New date macro %NOW inserts the current date in YYYYMMDD format.
  • New Tip of the Day dialog.
  • Clipboard does not get modified by processing anymore.
  • When you browse for a TextPipe filter, the initial folder is now set to ResumePipe's filter folder.
  • New 'Edit' menu with Cut, Copy and Paste.
  • The memo fields on the Email Header/Footer and the Attachment tab are now automatically resized to equal size.
  • The TextPipe tab has been removed from the Lite version, and the 'No TextPipe' tab has been removed from the Pro version.
  • Better validation now on the existence of folders and filename formats.
  • Fixed tab order, and dimming of disabled controls. Moved controls to different tabs.
  • Macro names now do not include the underscore character because of its use in the manual handling filename. Unknown macros are now output as is.
  • Faster processing of emails - the output file is written to once only. Note: v2.6 skipped.

    What's New in v2.5.1

  • MS Word now is forced to minimize its window after opening, leaving the ResumePipe status window unobscured.
  • Processed emails are now marked as "read".
  • The "Information store" panel has now been removed.
  • All strings are now available for translation to other languages.
  • Now handles emails with very large body text.
  • Now handles HTML-only emails. These are emails where the sender provides no plain-text equivalent of the HTML body (a poor choice, not often used). In these situations, ResumePipe passes the HTML text straight through to the output text file. The resulting file may need to have TextPipe Pro's 'Remove HTML' filter applied to it.
  • Unrecognized macros in the email/attachment header or footer, starting with %... are now flagged with an error message in the output file.

    What's New in v2.5

  • Now uses Extended MAPI - much faster, and better compatibility with Lotus Notes and other MAPI clients.
  • MS Word now opens attachments in Read-Only mode - this prevents a password dialog appearing in the case of a password-protected document, and results in far less manual intervention required.
  • Double-clicking on an Exception document in the Exception tab of the Status form will display the document for manual handling.
  • New MAPI client login options.
  • New options dialog to set the display language.
  • When processed emails were moved to a new folder, Outlook used to also place a copy in the Deleted Items folder. This problem has been fixed.
  • If the setting to add tag text to processed emails is selected, ResumePipe will skip processing any emails that already have the tag text in the Subject line.

    What's New in v2.4

  • Now only mail item folders are shown - calendar and contacts folders are not shown.
  • Short cuts keys are now included on the tabs for easy navigation
  • Fixed email header handling for Lotus Notes non-compliance with standard email - now blank emails should be a thing of the past.

    What's New in v2.3

  • Added the ability to customize the action for different attachment types - ignore, process or handle manually. The default is for .zip and .pdf files to be handled manually
  • The Status form now displays an exception tab for emails that must be manually handled
  • Password-protected documents are now handled
  • A warning is shown if the first output filename already exists
  • A sample filename is shown for the given resume filename format and starting number
  • The Insert Subject check box has been replaced by a more elegant macro substitution mechanism in the email header and footer memos and in the attachment header and footer memos, with %SUBJECT, %FROM, %TO, %SENT, %FILENAME macros
  • The start file number is automatically increased after a run
  • Resolved the problem where the same text would be copied to output files after Word had an error. Temporary filenames are now unique, which prevents conflicts if Word has a problem closing the file
  • The GUI now handles resizing more elegantly
  • Short cut conflicts have been fixed

    What's New in v2.2

  • New sorting options for processing emails
  • Now only shows mail folders within default Inbox for better MAPI compatibility with non-Outlook clients
  • Added automation via command line
  • Added DDE invocation of .rpp files from Windows Explorer
  • Added extra cleanup of detached files at end of process
  • Added recent files menu
  • Fixed bug with file start number not being saved or used.

    What's New in v2.1

  • Initial release!