INSTANTLY turn E-Mailed Resumés into a searchable database with

ResumePipe Pro

It does everything for you! No more pointing and clicking!

  • Converts E-mailed Resumes into Text Files
  • Automatically Unpacks ALL Attachments
  • Reformats and Cleanses the Text Files using unique TextPipe technology
  • Results are ready to go into your Applicant Tracking System or Database
  • Reformats Resumes to your Corporate Standard.

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Step 1. Emails arrive in Outlook, Outlook Express or Lotus Notes

Your E-Mailed Resumes are processed directly from an MS Outlook or Lotus Notes folder, processed in the order that you choose (sorted by subject, date etc).

Step 2. ResumePipe converts every email and all its attachments to a single file

ResumePipe allows you to configure the flow of processing. You can precisely control how each attachment type is handled - ignore .EXE attachments, print .PDF attachments, save or manually handle other attachments. ResumePipe even handles attachments inside forwarded e-mails!

Step 3. Complete, easy to read text files are ready to insert in your Applicant Tracking System or database

Cleansed & Formatted Text Files are output to your PC, ready for Searching or Loading into your Applicant Tracking System or Database.

One of our customers was spending up to 8 HOURS per day unpacking and pre-processing 1,000+ Resumes received daily. With ResumePipe, that time was reduced to 5 MINUTES. Aside from the Admin costs saved, the Resumes were improved in quality, and they were more quickly available to Recruiters for searching. after several tests I became a believer. This wonderful application not only processes every attachment and message, but can also recognize those files that are resumes and process them in any set of predefined formats. It can also filter and automatically strip out any extraneous header or footer data and give you that perfect scannable resume.

Bret Hollander,
Net Recruiter

Performing this process Manually would routinely take you hours or days!!!

Comparable products may cost you up to 10 times more!!!

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