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ResumePipe Lite does not include a free copy of TextPipe Pro, nor does it integrate with TextPipe Pro, even if it is subsequently purchased and installed. ResumePipe Lite is ideally suited to entry level customers without sophisticated text processing needs.

We do recommend that our customers purchase ResumePipe Pro, as the extra investment pays dividends when previously unforeseen text processing needs arise. The data files used by ResumePipe Lite are 100% compatible with ResumePipe Pro.

Features Comparison Chart

This chart lists the feature differences between ResumePipe Lite and ResumePipe Pro.

We provide an upgrade path from ResumePipe Lite to ResumePipe Pro.

Feature Lite? Pro?
Connects to MS Outlook (with or without MS Exchange) Y Y
Connects to Lotus Notes Y Y
Select Input Mail Folder Y Y
Select Output Mail Folder Y Y
Sorting Y Y
Email header and footer text Y Y
Attachment header and footer text Y Y
Control over handling of different attachment types Y Y
TextPipe filter for processing text files N Y
  Launches TextPipe automatically N Y
  Insert directly into a database N Y
  Cleanse garbage characters N Y
  Remove binary characters and HTML N Y
  Reformat and word wrap the text N Y
  Cleansing filter specifically designed for the Recruiters N Y
  Ongoing updates to cleansing filter N Y

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