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- by Nick Smith
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TextPipe is excellent for programmers, web authors or anyone who needs to carry out complex text-editing tasks. With command-line automation features, it can efficiently process multiple files on your terms. The program flawlessly converts files between DOS, Unix, Macintosh and Amiga formats. It also converts text from one programming language to another, and change text between OEM and ANSI. The program even gives you the power to define your own translations.

TextPipe presents dozens of filters for optimizing and editing your code. It can remove binary characters, ANSI escape sequences, blank lines, HTML code and more. It can also modify text within files including the ability to perform arbitrary mapping and change characters cases. TextPipe lets Web authors reduce the size of their HTML and batch process any number of site documents. You can even make your HTML pages readable outside the standard browser. Further, TextPipe supports wildcards for faster processing. Filter lists can be saved to the hard drive for future use.

TextPipe really has a lot of potential uses. IT'S quite handy for encoding and decoding certain e-mail attachments and other files. With sophisticated search functions, you can better manage files and remove duplicates. Whether for Web or cross-platform development, TextPipe is a vital text-editing tool to have by your side. This shareware version is fully functional, but expires after 30 days. TextPipe receives five smileys.

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Version 6.2
File Size
Standard Requirements
Suggested OS
Windows 95. Windows NT. Windows 98. 
Crystal Software Australia
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