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Software runs successfully on Windows 8, 7 x32 and x64, Vista x32 and x64, 2003/XP

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KeyboardLocker disables the keyboard while leaving the mouse active. An exit phrase must be entered before the keyboard is reactivated.

KeyboardLocker can be used

You can start KeyboardLocker INSTANTLY with Ctrl+Alt+L, and start KeyboardLocker automatically as your computer boots (by copying the KeyboardLocker short cut into the StartUp folder).


I came home from a weekend trip and found that my new cats had stepped on my keyboard and launched AOL which, I only have 3 hours a month, then I'm charge per minute. It turned out I was logged on for over 2000 minutes. Hence I had to find a solution...KeyboardLocker!

- David Segal

How to use KeyboardLocker

KeyboardLocker features two startup modes

  1. A configuration mode, where the unlock phrase can be entered. Note - in the Evaluation version you cannot change the unlock phrase - it is set to 'buyme'. Access this via the Configure KeyboardLocker start menu item.
  2. An instant start mode, where the unlock phrase cannot be entered. The only way to regain control of your machine is to type the unlock phrase. While locked, you can still use your mouse to start a DVD playing. The instant start mode can be useful to run when a machine starts up - to provide protection straight away. Access this via the Start KeyboardLocker NOW! start menu item.

Command Line Options

There are several ways you can start KeyboardLocker:

"c:\Program Files\KeyboardLocker\KeyboardLocker.exe" [/START]

Starts KeyboardLocker in interactive mode. If /START is specified, KeyboardLocker locks immediately.

"c:\Program Files\KeyboardLocker\KeyboardLocker.exe" /NEWPWD=<new password> [/START]

Starts KeyboardLocker in interactive mode, but with a new default password. If /START is specified, KeyboardLocker locks immediately.

"c:\Program Files\KeyboardLocker\KeyboardLocker.exe" /OLDPWD=<old password> /NEWPWD=<new password> 

If KeyboardLocker is currently running, it changes the unlock phrase from old password to new password. This copy of KeyboardLocker then terminates.

"c:\Program Files\KeyboardLocker\KeyboardLocker.exe" /STOP=<password> 

Unlocks KeyboardLocker if it is currently running and password is correct. This copy of KeyboardLocker then terminates.



As used by FujiFilm America, GeWeTe GmbH & Co.KG, Ethicon, Northern Arizona University, Ath TBI techniek B.V, Areva Energietechnik GmbH and more.


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