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WordPipe 5.3 released - prompt on replace and much more!

Posted: Thu Oct 19, 2006 3:46 pm
by DataMystic Support
Hi folks,

We've just uploaded WordPipe 5.3:

Here are some very cool new features for you:

* Prompt on Replace, with options to replace or skip one/file/job.

* AutoRun macros and Auto Recovery are now disabled to prevent them interfering with document processing.

* New search types of EasyPattern wildcards and Perl regex wildcards. These can be used to apply sophisticated pattern matching, replacing and reformatting inside Hyperlink Addresses, Inside Subdocument Filenames, Built in/Custom Properties, Bookmark Names, Form drop down Choices and Document template (the actual locations vary between office products).

* Processing can now be paused and resumed.

* New Arabic options for Kashida, Alef/Hamza and Diacritics.

* Auto sizing of row heights when multi-line text is entered.

* Updated Excel/CSV/Tab import and export.

If you have any problems with this new version please drop us an email or use this forum to reply.