simple? Excel Tab delimited text column > folder of files

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yvonne Barrymore
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simple? Excel Tab delimited text column > folder of files

Post by yvonne Barrymore » Thu Dec 04, 2003 7:55 am

Excel Tab delimited text column > folder of files RENAME

Hi! Fantastic and yet a bit complex is textpipe to me.
I have to quote price on a job that would be so simple for many of you.
I have one Excel column of fields of data like this below [this is field one of a very long list within this one Excel column only:

dogrus chamlin!, seqester libinorsum: everon: trilliumnas
more lines similar to this all within one colum of excel data going for many pages.

YES< that is one line complete with colons, exclanation mark and wide space barring between some words.
For this one example I need to 'perhaps' retain the allowable comma, remove the not possible characters '!' ':' and also tighten up the spacing. all of this goes in place of ONE .TXT filename. There are many pages of these lines all in excel one above the next.

Currently the list of destination files is like story1.txt story2.txt, story3.txt etc etc.
So the outcome will need to be:

dogrus chamlin seqester libinorsum everon trilliumnas.txt
IF the comma ',' stays in that's OK.
Now I know textpipe can do this.... though I'm sure that today I cannot. :)
It will be an ongoing job for me if I can do this. The payment is terrible so I thought that doing several hundend of these in several hours would be horrid though I like the idea of a simple job once or twice a month.
Perhaps there is another program more suitable. I think TextPie is most suitable ....

Can anyone tell me how to try this. Essentailly it a long tab delimited column of funny words and characters. I extract the word/lines and IN ORDER stamp their titles IN PLACE OF list named text files: Story1.txt, story2.txt etc etc etc etc in ORDER as well. This creates exactly a one toone relationship between the excel list and the existing files list. Essentially just renaming the files to the names in the Excel column.

IF I should just strip the not allowable characters manually and then do an easier translation that would be fine.

It is important that I personally understand how to do this because there could be more writer jobs for me if I have this power.

sorry if this is running on a bit.

Thank you.
best wishes


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DataMystic Support
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Post by DataMystic Support » Tue Dec 09, 2003 1:13 pm

Hi Yvonne,

You might like to send me an email directly with an example Excel file.

If the file itself is a CSV or tab-file, then simply searching and replacing '!' with nothing will get you somewhere. I'm not sure about how the filename are generated though - is the title the first piece of text before the '!'.??

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