Changing the name of the of the output

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Changing the name of the of the output

Post by chetankumarh » Sat Feb 07, 2009 1:16 am


I/p file :Mainframe binary file
O/p File :Ascii file

The format of i/p name is <<FileName>>_<<DATETIMESTAMP>> ( meaning file name changes every day).

and we need a standard output file name say : <<FileNAme>>.txt

I/p Binary file name :<<Filename>>_<<DatetimeStamp>>
o/p ASCII File Name : <<FileName>>

Example 1 : I/P File name : Contract_02042009.bin
o/p File name: Contract.txt
Example 1 : I/P File name : Contract_02052009.bin
o/p File name: Contract.txt

Please let us know the ways to achive this.


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Re: Changing the name of the of the output

Post by DataMystic Support » Mon Feb 09, 2009 9:23 am

You need to search/replace inside the filename using a file name restriction:

Code: Select all

Restrict to file name
+--Perl pattern [[^\\].*?$] with [Contract.txt]
      [ ] Match case
      [ ] Whole words only
      [ ] Case sensitive replace
      [X] Prompt on replace

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