Having problems doing a replace/remove

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Having problems doing a replace/remove

Post by cfisher » Thu Jan 01, 2009 6:51 am

I just got TextPipe Lite and im having problems doing a simple replace/remove. What i dont understand is it works fine when i run it against the Trial run, but when the folders run it doesnt change anything. Ive tried doing Exact, and pattern but im still figuring things out so i must be doing something wrong. The text to be replaced may or may not have spaces between it but im copying the exact text line (mutli lined) and nothing changes. (but it does change in the Trial Run).

Heres the test as i cut and paste it from the textfile to the replace filter

Code: Select all

a division of<i>
    pageweb.com LLC</i>
Any idea what im doing wrong? Thanks in advance.
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Re: Having problems doing a replace/remove

Post by cfisher » Thu Jan 01, 2009 9:18 am

To add that if i try to replace an email address such as: email@oldwebpage.com with email@webpage.com it comes out as email.com

Isnt there a simple find and replace feature of this software? I can do it with TextPad but i needed to run thur a lot of files and folders so i bought this.

Also how do i get the BAK delete to light up... i can restore fine, but the BAK delete button never shows up. (hopefully this isnt a Pro or standard feature).

So far im not very happy with my purchase.

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Re: Having problems doing a replace/remove

Post by DataMystic Support » Mon Jan 05, 2009 9:32 am

Your files must contain a different end of line character then the Windows standard one used by the Trial run area.

Add a Filters\Convert\End of line characters at the top of the filter list to fix this.

A better search string is the perl pattern
a division of<i>\s*pageweb.com LLC</i>
which allows for multiple whitespace.

From the manual: Delete all test files/Restore .BAK files

When Test Mode is enabled, clicking this button removes all test files (.DCV).
When Backup Mode is enabled, clicking this button restores all .BAK files.
Once the files have been deleted/restored, the button is dimmed. These button appear to the left of the Ok/Cancel button only at the end of a filtering job.

We'll add this feature in the next version.

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