Macro @inputFile@ doesn't work

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Macro @inputFile@ doesn't work

Post by DFH » Fri Jan 05, 2018 7:45 pm

System details: Windows 7 x64 fully patched.

TextPipe v10.6.1 (x32)

According to the TextPipe Help page Macros and Global Variables,
@inputFile@ or @Filename@
Same as @inputFilename@, but without the file extension.
I just tried the filter Add file header:

Code: Select all

Add file header [@inputFile@]

It doesn't work. Just adds a blank line!
This doesn't work either!

Code: Select all

Add file header [@Filename@]
Whereas this works:

Code: Select all

Add file header [@inputFilename@]
btw. The same thing occurs in other filters where macros are allowed.

How many other Macros or Global Variables have stopped working?

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