Word to RTF and RTF to Unicode text

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Word to RTF and RTF to Unicode text

Post by DFH » Mon Apr 24, 2017 11:49 pm

The existing filter Word to text uses the installed Microsoft Word program to convert the contents of .doc or .docx files to ordinary text output. In doing so it strips diacritics, etc, because the output is ANSI.

MS Word can save as other formats such as Rich Text Format.

It would be a very useful enhancement to TextPipe to add a filter called Convert Word to RTF.

Secondly, although MS Word cannot directly save as Unicode text, Wordpad can.

It would therefore be a very useful enhancement if TextPipe could call Wordpad by having a new filter called Convert RTF to Unicode text.
btw. The encoding of such a file saved from Wordpad is UTF-16 LE.

Finally, RTF files saved by MS Word are always much larger and more complicated than those saved as RTF by Wordpad.
Performing this operation also loses some data such as footnotes, etc.

Even so, there are still real advantages in having an automated method to open RTF files and resave them as RTF files using Wordpad.
If this could be done, a suitable filter name might be Convert RTF Word to RTF Wordpad.

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