How to batch edit Textpipe FLL filters themselves

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How to batch edit Textpipe FLL filters themselves

Post by simoninsing » Mon Mar 28, 2016 12:54 pm

I now have several hundred FLL filters, and need to do a whole load of text replaces of the contents of these filters. Is there any way to achieve this, for example using a Textpipe filter on them ? The FLL files are clearly not plain text, and they also do not appear to be binary (so ticking the Process binary files option doesn't work). Since I don't actually know what animals these FLL filters are (not plain text, not binary, so what are they?) I can't even focus locate some sort of search mechanism (like PowerGrep) that will at least find the FLL filters that contain various text strings that I want to replace. So I am at a loss ...

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Re: How to batch edit Textpipe FLL filters themselves

Post by DataMystic Support » Thu Mar 31, 2016 1:33 pm

An approach I have used in the past, is to use the TextPipe COM object to load each filter, spit it out to vbscript form (where the vbscript code can rebuild the filter exactly). Search/replace the vbscript, then run each vbscript to rebuild the filter and save it.

The files are essentially binary.

We are moving to XML for a future release, just not there yet!

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