TextPipe 7.3 release available

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TextPipe 7.3 release available

Post by DataMystic Support » Wed Mar 09, 2005 4:42 pm

What's New in v7.3

New Mainframe Copybook wizard makes it incredibly easy to build a filter to
process mainframe data. Handles packed, zoned, binary and display field
New filters to Expand Binary Number To ASCII and Expand Binary Number To
Global dialogs now make use of popup menus to insert special characters etc.

What's New in v7.2.1

New filter to capture text to a global variable. This is much faster than
using the Script filter to capture and then output text - which is the most
common use of the Script filter.
New grid component for the Map filter - now supports far better range and
mouse selection.
New option to automatically reopen the last filter.
The Replace Query dialog now has an extra tab to show a hex dump of the found
text. This can be useful for debugging.

What's New in v7.2

Right-click menu for Replace field now provides easy insertion of captured
data as Tab or CSV-delimited fields or HTML.
The Prompt On Replace dialog now displays the length of each captured
EasyPatterns 1.9.1 - added [PipeField] and [Pipe] keywords.
Fixed error when manually choosing the Skip option to not replace text in a
DBCS file - more than one character was added. Only occurs under DBCS
versions of Windows (eg Chinese).
New error message when there are too many capturing expressions in a pattern.
Fixed bug with 'First row is header row' not being recognised for processing
delimited data with embedded carriage returns.

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