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Add column of text filter - doesn't insert captured variable

Posted: Thu Oct 25, 2012 4:55 am
by DFH
The help for the Add column of text filter includes:
The right-click (or context) menu on this field supports Undo, Cut, Copy, Paste, Delete, Clear Entire Field, Select All and Select All And Copy, entering special characters and inserting macros and global variables.
This didn't work for me! Is this a new bug? My file was UTF-8 encoded.

cf. When I chose the alternative method using the Add Left Margin filter in order to insert the same captured variables, this worked OK.

btw. The help for the Capture text filter includes:
This filter captures text into a named global variable. Once captured, the variable's value can be output using macros with the filters Add Header/Footer, Add Left/Right Margin, Insert Column/Bytes.
The use of the word "Insert" here is a little inaccurate, seeing as the filter's name begins with "Add".
The word "/Bytes" is no longer part of the filter name either.


Re: Add column of text filter - doesn't insert captured vari

Posted: Fri Oct 26, 2012 8:33 am
by DataMystic Support
Hi David,

On testing and checking this, it appears to work fine. Are you sure that you are capturing text correctly, and that it is not being overwritten with a blank value?

Attached is my test filter.

Capture text help fixed.