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Post by scottspivey » Thu Jul 21, 2011 3:50 am

I am running TextPipe from a command line and need to delete the list file once the filter finishes running. I have tried using the switch, /deletelistfile, but it does not work. Here is my command line with /deletelistfile inserted. Can anyone see a problem with the way my command line is written that would cause this switch not to work?

"C:\Program Files\DataMystic\TextPipe\textpipe.exe" "/F="C:\TextPipeFilters\ConvertPDF.fll"" "/L="D:\Users\ProsCheck\%User%\%CurrentTime%\TextPipeFileList.txt"" /deletelistfile /G /Q

I have tried various versions of the command line above hoping to get something to work. But so far no luck.

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Re: /deletelistfile

Post by DataMystic Support » Thu Jul 21, 2011 8:43 am


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"C:\Program Files\DataMystic\TextPipe\textpipe.exe" "/F=C:\TextPipeFilters\ConvertPDF.fll" "/L=D:\Users\ProsCheck\%User%\%CurrentTime%\TextPipeFileList.txt" /deletelistfile /G /Q

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