Automatic scripting or macro facility

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Mark Spooner

Automatic scripting or macro facility

Post by Mark Spooner » Mon Sep 08, 2003 7:13 am


I was wondering if anyone had thought of putting some form of step-by-step macro scripting add-in to the vast features of TextPipe. The only reason I'm thinking this could be a good feature to add is that sometimes it's easier to perform repetitive S&R or simple line by line editing in large files by just a quick macro script job in addition to all the other filter steps.

Just an idea. :roll:

Best regards, Mark Spooner.

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DataMystic Support
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Post by DataMystic Support » Fri Oct 03, 2003 5:30 am

Hi Mark,

If you mean the ability to script TextPipe - it's already there! Check the help file for details.

If not, please let me know in more detail what you mean.

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