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This is a collection of frequently asked questions about EmailPipe.


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Why can't EmailPipe see my folders?

There are a number of possibilities:

  1. Are you using a MAPI-compliant email program?
  2. If you are using Lotus Notes you may have to re-install it to enable MAPI support - please see our PDF Document technical documentation
  3. PDF Document Fix for Lotus Notes Mail Not Available as a Service to MAPI After Outlook 2000 Installation

  4. Is your mail program active AND logged in?
  5. Is your mail folder a subfolder of the default Inbox? If your personal folder has a different Inbox to your mail account Inbox you may have to create a rule to copy or move all resumes to a folder where EmailPipe can see them


GPF errors with Applix application suite

EmailPipe generates GPF errors when it handles dual-format emails (where the body of the message also appears as an HTML attachment). This error seems to be generated by Applix, not EmailPipe. You can work around it by disabling the HTML attachment processing using the Attachment Types button on the Attachments Tab.

How can I access other Outlook .pst/.ost files?

  1. Open your current .pst file in Outlook (e.g. Archive.pst)
  2. Set it to be the default file for mail delivery. In Outlook, this is Tools\Email Accounts, click Next, then change the setting under Deliver new e-mail to the following location to point to the new .pst file.
  3. Restart Outlook
  4. EmailPipe will now be pointing at Archive.pst


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